Vegetable Noodles


  • Green spinach,
  • red carrot,
  • kale, deep-yellow old pumpkin and more.

Any vegetable can be used.

How to make:

  1. Clean vegetables, cut them into 1cm segments and put them into the Slower Juicer for juicing;
  2. Add some cool water to the vegetable juice (don’t add to much), stir the juice until get the proper color;
  3. Knead the dough;
  4. The dough for making noodles should be hard; if you knead the dough by hand, you need to knead the dough for a while and rest for ten minutes and then knead the dough again; you need to repeat the process for several times to make the dough chewy;
  5. Use a noodle maker to press the dough or use you own hands to made noodles.

The tricks to make successful noodles by hands have been introduced for many times previously. It is simpler and easier to use a noodle maker to press the dough. Use the widest grade to press, fold and press the dough until the dough is not sticky even without using dry flour; then use the grade 3 to make the dough thinner and use the grade 5 to make noodles.

Thinner dough is more suited for making colored noodles because natural coloring matters are not high temperature resistant, which will lead to disappearance of colors once the noodles are heated for too long. It takes a little time to cook noodles made with thin dough so as to keep the pretty colors.