Tangerine Jelly

Material: 5-6 tangerines, 10g gelatin, 30g white sugar.

How to make: Gelatin slices soaked in cold water and put aside when they turn soft; tangerines peeled and put into the Slow Juicer for juice-residue separation; tangerine juice filtered for twice through a filter screen with pores; put the juice into a small saucepan over slow fire; put the softened gelatin into the juice and stir it until it melts; put the white sugar into the juice and stir it evenly; pour the finished liquid jelly into moulds or deep containers and place in the fridge for three hours until the jelly has set with an exquisite and smooth taste.

Effect: Tangerine can enhance the toughness of blood capillaries, regulate blood pressure and expand the coronary arteries attaching to and wrapping around the heart’s surface.

Therefore, tangerine can prevent coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis.